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Wedding photographer. Hiring the services of a wedding photographer, the couple could not help confront a choice - whether to take the cheaper photographer, or all of the same pay? If you pay, what are the advantages and benefits while they receive.

Just note that the issue price for the services of a wedding photographer, as in absolutely any other industry, is a matter of subjective and depend on a lot of very subjective factors. But, nevertheless, there are still some factors of service quality wedding photographer that affect the cost. Or at least I'll try to paint something from which to depend price and where to look in order to assess these qualities.

First and most importantly, what determines the price of the services provided - is the name of a wedding photographer. Contrary to the belief of many that the name - it's just an unnecessary cheat anyone for the brand, I would say that the name - it is still the performer's reputation in the bridal market. Unable to make a name for themselves, absolutely no redeeming its reputation. This imposes on the wedding photographer a number of frameworks that he can not transgress, because it will lose some of their reputation, painstakingly accumulated over the years of hard work. Wedding photographer who wishes to remain in the same status, must adhere to at least some of the elementary norms of communication with the customer. This punctuality, stability results given out, reliable arrangements. Many companies give photographers a certain level of technology simply parole, knowing that the perpetrator of such a level values ​​its reputation and that of their equipment did not happen. Each client for himself must choose the level of that status and photographer on the wedding market, with whom he would have to work with. I can only strongly avoid collaboration with quite "nameless fighters", as the quality of the result they become unstable from shooting to shooting, but the agreement does not bind them. A similar situation exists in other sectors - the market of clothing, shoes, electronics and other things. Goods from brands though more expensive, but it is more stable and more predictable quality. As well as wedding photography in the market where you can buy a successful thing from a little-known performer, but more often than not the products of these brands of dubious quality.

As I wrote above, the name and reputation of the struggle for a wedding photographer forced to find ways to ensure the stability of the issued, regardless of the shooting conditions. Wedding photographer is trying to buy himself a good technique that allows her to work comfortably in a variety of settings. This is where I started and the part that many newlyweds are trying to master the express method, choosing a wedding photographer. Often, choosing a wedding photographer, they ask questions like "what is your camera?" Do not clearly understand if this is the answer to their arranged. Moreover, not everyone understands that the camera - it's not just the body of the camera. Camera - is the body of the camera, a set of optics and flash. This is at a minimum. Not only is the quality of the optics depends far more than the quality of the camera itself and the cost of the camera body is usually the experienced wedding photographers are below the cost of optics. But do not ask about the optics usually because it is too difficult for many, and they leave only the portion of the issue, which it clearly. Ie, the question itself is almost devoid of any meaning. Finding your way is the same as that which you need, really, is not just a man far removed from the photo. What to do in this case? Yes, just look at the result of the shooting. See detailed reports from the shooting, not limited to one, two surveys. If the wedding photographer consistently produces a decent result from the shoot to shoot, and the style and manner of shooting suits you, then that is exactly what you are looking for, and he has the right equipment. But most importantly, what it depends on a stable result - this is how experienced your wedding photographer and what are its core competencies. Beware of the services of photographers who have worked on the market for less than two years, and no matter what technique they use. Even when the talent they can give stable quality because of limited experience. In the event of an emergency (such as at weddings often happen), they can simply get lost. In some cases, you need experience solutions to certain problems, and the solutions in these cases, as a rule, should be taken immediately. Wedding photographer, has only recently started to shoot the wedding - is not only able to save (though not always, that the price is high enough), but also the risk of being disappointed in the end result, if the wedding is suddenly goes on the scenario, which counted on a wedding photographer .

Next there is a next time - processing photos. Modern picture looks presentable, including and through treatment. Treatment is different complexity, different photographers handle different number of photos. From this also depends on the price of services of a wedding photographer. It should also be separate processing as distillation photo of RAW-s art and photo retouching. Distillation of RAW-s - is the transformation of the raw images in-chamber format to the more familiar and user-friendly format of photos, with the correction thus on light, color. Artistic touch-up - this is post-processing images, which can include a variety of methods - from skin correction and change some colors, before turning photos into surrealist paintings. Looking through the photo processing, consider one point that the more aggressive art processing and the more care of naturalness, the greater the chance that the fashion for such treatment will be and it will look like a bad taste, just as the angels look now, hearts, stars and other attributes, which not so long ago, "decorated" wedding "masterpieces", and this was considered an incredibly cool and modern. But in any case, a complex process, which would be pointless it may be, can not affect the price, as it significantly increases the labor costs. Perhaps you are happy with the work of the photographer liked you with a less aggressive and more natural treatment. You may want a small portion of highly distorted picture. And, perhaps, would be more rational to find another photographer, if you find that picture without a nuclear processing lose their appeal and photography designer's work is more valuable than the work itself photographer. However, to completely abandon the processing of your wedding photos I would not advise, just like everywhere else, I would advise you to know when to stop and see that it was done tastefully, and not just as a tribute to the bandwagon.

The next point on which depends the price for the services of a wedding photographer - is print and view where you get your wedding photos. Different type of printing requires a different work (wedding book design services require books and valuable just their individual design) and has a different cost. It also affects the final price. Wanting to save money, many newlyweds want to completely abandon print wedding photos. I would not recommend doing this, as the photos in print look much more attractive and they are easier to see. It's not as expensive as improves the perception of your wedding photos. It is better not to print them too much, choose the album is not too expensive, but that the album was still prints from your wedding. Wedding photographer usually offer photo printing, or printing wedding photo books. Wedding photographer has experience in this business and he is interested in the fact that you get in high-quality prints and high-quality photo book, as in this case, it will look better job. Wedding photographer with a name on the wedding market just can not afford to work with low-quality printing, as it would discredit him in the eyes of the customer.

I have listed the main points that make up the price of the services of a wedding photographer. You can select services according to your taste and your needs. If the site is the photographer listed price for the package, which is different from what you need, you can check the price, talking to him in person. Looking at the price lists photographer, look not only at the numbers, but also on what is included in the price. It is possible that services are more expensive in the long run will be cheaper than the cheaper. Choosing a wedding photographer, try to trust my eyes than other people's languages. Seeing is believing ... See portfolio for photographers, choose a favorite, come to any final budget for wedding photography and schedule meetings. Personal meeting will help you make sure that the person is comfortable to you in communicating and nevyzyvaet negative emotions, as well as on a personal meeting you can discuss the details of the shooting. Good luck with your selection.